Sign up to our affiliate program, and start earning high commissions, recommending our trips.

Welcome to the Ultimate Wild Trip affiliate program

Start earning money today by signing up for our affiliate program. Take advantage of this opportunity, and get significant profits, while offering your users a select catalog of luxury adventure travel and experiential rural tourism. Help us increase our sales, and you will receive a commission for each confirmed reservation that your users make on the Ultimate Wild Trip website. In addition, our affiliate program is totally free and it will only take you a few minutes to sign up.

  • A tour operator with impact

We are an agency that offers different trips, within a not very competitive sector. But we are also an agency committed to our purpose, and with a focus on sustainability, and leaving a positive footprint in our path. Your users will have an unforgettable experience, but also, they will learn what is the value of caring for our planet and contribute their grain of sand.

  • Without intermediaries

We share our commission directly with you. You earn up to 4% of the total value of each reservation on luxury adventure travels. Forget about small profits, promoting cheap tourist offers and services, with very low commission margins. For us, your promotional work is very important, and we will take proper care of you. Write to us at to find out the % of the commission you can earn for promoting our trips.

  • Free

Our affiliate program is completely free for you. With Ultimate Wild Trip, you will only have profits.

  • A different catalog.

Not all agencies can boast of being specialized in luxury rural tourism trips to remote destinations. You will be able to share with your users a totally different proposal, traveling to exotic, wild, and little crowded destinations, where you can have an unforgettable experience.

  • Statistics

In your control panel, you will have access to real-time statistics of the performance of your traffic and transactions.

  • Customer Support

All our clients have telephone attention, and support by email with service from Monday to Friday, from 09:30 to 13:30, and from 16:30 to 20:30.

  • Deeplinking

You can define direct links that point to any of our pages for a better user experience and conversion rates. And keep track of the visits that each of your links brings.

  • Banners

You will have a catalog of banners of different sizes, styles, and colors, for each destination, to be able to promote our trips like a true professional. Our banners have an elegant and eye-catching design and will add a sophisticated touch to your website.

  • Always informed

You will always be up to date with all the news and changes that may affect your affiliate program.

Frequent questions


General information

  • Who can register as an affiliate?

1-Any person or company that has a website with more than 10000 monthly visits, can request membership. After analyzing your website and verifying that the content and traffic exceed the brand association criteria, you will receive a confirmation email. Mainly, we are focused on working with travel bloggers, with an interesting amount of monthly web traffic. And very valuable, with bloggers specialized in luxury adventure travel, rural tourism, mindfulness travel, community tourism, and experiential tourism.

2-Customers, readers, or followers of Ultimate Wild Trip, who wish to be prescribers of our trips on their social networks, in exchange for commissions or travel credits. You will only have to share one of our affiliate links on your social media profiles or offer one of our discount coupons, to your family, friends, or co-workers. You will have to have a profile or fan page on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin, with more than 5000 followers.

3-Are you a travel agency? If you are a bespoke luxury travel agency, offline or online, officially licensed, or a luxury travel advisor, and you are interested in offering your clients any of our trips, get in touch with us. We will discuss the special conditions for retail agencies.

  • How does the Ultimate Wild Trip affiliate program work?

1-Once registered as an affiliate, you can access your affiliate panel, create affiliate links, or copy an Ultimate Wild Trip banner code, and integrate them into your website. You can use as many links and banners as you like. Through your affiliate ID, you will be able to track all the clicks and all the reservations originated by your links.

2-We only pay commissions, from trips created and operated directly by Ultimate Wild Trip. For example) Trips to Costa Rica, and trips to Spain. Our standard commission is defined and assigned to travel packages, which is 95% of our sales. Single services such as flights and car rentals carry a totally different commission. Ask in each case, the affiliate commission.

3-For each confirmed reservation that comes to us from your links, you will receive a commission, as long as the trip is not canceled. To do this, we wait for the trip to start, to make sure that it has been operated, and thus be able to pay all commissions correctly. You will receive the payment of your commissions, on the last day of each month, for all confirmed reservations, for trips that have already been operated without prior cancellation.

  • Can I do advertising campaigns on search engines like Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing?

We only allow the use of generic words, and advertisements that link to your affiliate website, and from there to Ultimate Wild Trip. It is prohibited the use of the keyword “Ultimate Wild Trip”, or using it with spelling errors in the text, title, content, visible URL, and destination URL of any ad that appears in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, or any of their search partners. Failure to comply with this policy will be grounds for cancellation of generated sales, and expulsion from the affiliate program.

  • Does it have any cost to register as an affiliate?

No, it is completely free.

  • Can I earn commissions from my own bookings?

Yes. You will receive a commission for each reservation you confirm using your affiliate links. Or what is the same, you can book trips on our website for personal use, with a discount, for being one of our affiliates.

Steps to register

1-Register in a new affiliate form, which is on the “AFFILIATE PANEL” page on the main menu, in the “Important info” section.

2-Once registered, you will have to wait for the Ultimate Wild Trip answer until we study your request, and decide whether to approve or deny it. This study can take between 24 and 72 hours. For acceptance, we value that you have a web page with visits higher than 10,000 users/month, and with articles related to our travel destinations, with visits greater than 300 users/month per article.

3-Due to the high number of requests, our staff could take more time to process your application.

 4-After being accepted, you will receive a confirmation email in your email. Then, you can log in to the “AFFILIATE PANEL” page or also from “MY ACCOUNT”, and if you wish, change the password or any relevant data of your profile. Once logged, you will be able to access your AFFILIATE PANEL, from any of the links present on the website menu.

 5-Once inside your affiliate panel, you will be able to navigate through the main menu, and see the different sections of your user profile, such as commissions, clicks, analytics, visits, payments, generate links, create campaigns, obtain banners, etc.

a) In “PROFILE”, you can change your email, your password, and indicate your favorite payment method. Outside of Spain, we only make payments by PayPal.

b) In “MARKETING”, from “AFFILIATE LINKS”, you can enter the URL of the page of Ultimate Wild Trip that you want to link, in the box of the LINK GENERATOR in the box of “Specific page of the website”. And by clicking on the “Generate link” button, you will get your affiliate links, with your affiliate ID included, which you can use directly on your website.

c) In the “Referrals, Payments and Reports” sections, you will be able to see the visits generated by your links, the commissions obtained with confirmed reservations, and the payments generated with your conversions.



  • How are reservations recorded?

All your links pointing to Ultimate Wild Trip contain an affiliate ID. Through this code, we identify all the clicks, and the reservations coming from your links

  • How can I monitor my statistics?

We provide you with your own affiliate panel, where you can monitor all your activity, view click statistics, commissions, payments, and all the relevant information for a correct optimization of your actions. 

  • How does tracking sales with “cookies” work?

The system of “cookies” is today the standard on the internet in terms of tracking clicks and sales. Each visitor that we receive in Ultimate Wild Trip, through your links, will download a “cookie” (a small file with information about the visit). It remains active for 90 days and allows both parties to track the transaction.

Commissions and payments

  • What is a “confirmed reservation”?

A confirmed reservation is considered, one that has a reservation and order number, within our travel platform, and that has been paid to Ultimate Wild Trip by the client in full. There is the possibility that a reservation may be canceled or modified, after its confirmation date. To guarantee that all transactions have been effectively carried out, we wait for the trip to start, to make sure that it has been operated, and thus be able to pay all commissions correctly. You will receive the payment of your commissions on the last day of each month, for all confirmed reservations, for trips that have already been started without prior cancellation.

  • How do I get paid?

-Payments to affiliates living outside of Spain are always made through PayPal, and a minimum amount of commissions generated is not necessary to make the payment through this platform. It is necessary for the affiliate to have a PayPal account created, and provide the email associated with that account, in the registration form of the Ultimate Wild Trip AFFILIATE PANEL.

-If you do not have a PayPal account, and you are a Spanish resident, the affiliate will have to send a bank account number to Ultimate Wild Trip.

Payments are made on the last day of each month, for all confirmed reservations, for trips that have already been started without prior cancellation.

If you do not have a Paypal account or a bank account, you can keep your affiliate commissions in the affiliate wallet of your user profile, as travel credits. You can spend these travel credits on any of our tourist services, getaways, and trips, when the credits cover the cost of the service to be booked, or as a discount on one of these services.


  • How do I generate the links that I must integrate on my website?

-You can create them in your control panel. In “Generate Links”, you can enter the URL of the Ultimate Wild Trip page you want to link to, in the “Page URL” box. And by clicking on the “Generate” button, you will get the “Referral URL”, with your affiliate ID included, which you can use directly on your website. We recommend that you use hyperlinks within the texts of your articles, which contain our affiliate URLs.

-If you need help, please contact us at

  • Can I modify the links to adapt them to my website?

We do not recommend it. Altering the link codes and URLs will cause the sales tracking system to not run properly. We strongly do not recommend changing affiliate links


Contact us and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.