Bus tickets

-Firefly company, offers relatively cheap trips to be Australia. The routes are between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with prices ranging between 65 and 125 $ per one way. They are very long trips, about 12 hours, but the advantage is that you can travel at night and saving the accommodation that day. You can look at their website.

The following 2 companies are really good for traveling from Sydney to Cairns. Since they stop at almost all locations and you can go down and back up whenever you want. You buy a bus-pass to the destination you want and you have to book online in which locations you stop and in which you resume your journey.

The 2 most important companies of Australia that make long distance routes are: Greyhound Coach

1-Premier: This is the most economic of the two. Buses are somewhat older and offer less comfort and benefits, but I think the price is very competitive. You can take a bus pass from Sydney to Cairns for about 320AUD and use it for 3 months with unlimited number of stops in one direction. More info at

2-Greyhound: This is undoubtedly the company with more distances and more distances covered within Australia. Possibly also the most expensive. Their prices are higher, but they have a new and more spacious fleet of buses and offer more variety of services than the other companies. They have several types of passes and organized trips. The journey from Sydney to Cairns with unlimited number of stops in one direction, with them goes for about 425 $. More info at

* Other companies to travel through Western Australia are:

-South West Coach Lines: express route between Perth and the southwestern part of the country.
-Integrity Coach Lines: routes from Perth to Broome, via the coastal highway via Tom Price / Karijini.