Humanitarian projects


On 25 April 2015 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal in a catastrophic manner. 9,000 people died, the wounded and material losses were innumerable and the aftermath – beyond the constant aftershocks that continue to frighten part of the population – last and, unfortunately, will still remain.

Although is a newly established company with little resources, we will concentrate all our efforts in gathering as many funds as possible to assist in the reconstruction of this noble country. For all those who love the mountain and have had the luck to tread the Himalayas and some of its incredible summits, you know in good hand the generosity of this town and its great culture.

It is still too early to set up solid projects and to give reliable details of what the methodology will be, but as soon as we believe the NGO and donations reach a minimum amount to start any of the projects we have in mind, you will be informed in detail of All planning.

Simply put, thanks to our experience in engineering and architecture, we are designing a sustainable construction project with anti-earthquake and renewable energy protection mechanisms for the initial construction of a school or hospital in and around Kathmandu. We will use renewable materials of high hardness and tensile strength superior to steel and prefabricated composites of carbon fiber, keblar and fiberglass with triple insulation for exteriors, which allow to lift a house in less than 1 week once the foundation is finished. We are going to do our best to keep our projects on stand, if we repeat an earthquake of that gravity.

If these initial projects are successful, we will try to focus efforts on the reconstruction of homes and the creation of some orphanage. Many children have been left without families after the earthquakes and are living below the poverty line in the streets.

Other projects

If in the future this organization thrives and receives enough assistance to carry out several projects in different areas of the planet, we will carry out projects of different themes. In addition to continuing to help the most disadvantaged countries, with constructions, food, medicines and basic necessities, we would also like to focus on the control of endangered animal species and the reforestation of natural parks and areas affected by fires. Other catastrophes..

Take part. Save lives

The UN estimates that an investment of $ 160 more per person per year would end the chronic hunger among those living in extreme poverty. It is estimated that 267 billion dollars would be needed in the fight against hunger. We are clear that the entire planet will never make a donation of this caliber per person every year, but if we believe that many people’s lives can be changed with very little effort. Any amount is significant, even if it is $ 1 per year per person. Perhaps world hunger can not be alleviated with that, but it could prevent many people from continuing to suffer.

From we thank you from the heart for helping us to make this world a little better.

See you on the path mates


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