Although your home country does not need to process entry visas through an embassy, ​​you must apply for an electronic visa prior to arrival in Australia. There are several tourist visa models, such as the “eVisitor (subclass 651)” and others with payment of fees such as the Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601), Online Visitor visa (subclass e600) or Visitor visa (subclass 600 ). Normally, they send you the resolution in minutes via email, but there can always be a case that can be delayed for hours or even days. They do not ask for an exit ticket from the country.

– You have 12 months to enter Australia.

– Although the visa is valid for 1 year, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 3 months in each stay. If you want to stay longer, you must leave Australia and re-enter, up to a maximum of 1 year. Think hard about the real reason to extend your tourist visa, because when you go out and re-enter Australia, the customs agents investigate and review what your underwear size is. In Australia they are not foolish and take very seriously the fight against illegal immigration and people who come to work without the proper visa. Any irregularity found can cost you not to re-enter Australia during the next 5 years. -Other option is to obtain a tourist visa of 6 or 12 months, which has a variable cost depending on the country and the procedures to be carried out.

* Whether you are having difficulties with English, or if you want to know quickly and securely if you need a tourist visa or not to enter a country, we have obtained a completely free visa search engine courtesy of Visa HQ. In addition to this free service of great utility, they also dedicate to processing visas online for any country at a very competitive price. If you have time to do it yourself, do not hesitate to contact them, they are quite professional. If you prefer to process the visa on your own, you can use the HQ Visa search engine and in cases where it is mandatory to obtain an entry visa, we enclose the immigration web address of each country so that you can consult all the required procedures.

* To consult the official immigration information and to know what type of tourist visa you need, consult the following websites:

Food and clothes

Below we list the most economical quality-price supermarkets in Australia and with the largest number of stores in the country. It is very common to combine these supermarkets with greengrocers and Asian grocers, since sometimes these have quite interesting offers.

• Food:

-Cooles: This is my favorite. It is the one that has the most variety of products and although it is not always the most economical in all, it has days and times when prices are quite low. The quality of products in their white marks is quite acceptable.

-woolworths: It’s similar to Coles, but it’s usually somewhat more expensive and the supermarkets are not that big and with so much variety. The quality is good.

-Aldi: The supermarkets tend to be somewhat smaller, do not have as much variety of product and the white marks are not as good as in the previous two. In return they have some interesting offers and prices. The good thing about Aldi, is that it is the only large supermarket that sells low grade alcohol in Australia. If you want to buy only a bottle of wine or beer, you do not need to go to a bottle shop of your own.

• Clothes and other needs:

-Kmart: If you need to buy anything to get out of a hurry, Kmart is the place to go. They have clothing as much as for offices of construction or cheap hostelry, kitchen tools, bedding, sports and camping equipment, electronics, etc. In short anything you need for your house, dress and day to day, you have it at Kmart cheaper than anywhere else. That yes, do not expect high quality products.

-Target: It is quite similar to Kmart, in fact the two companies are owners of Wesfarmers so you can imagine the similarity between both.

-Big W: This big company, is a division of Woolworths Limited. Here you can find a variety similar to Kmart and Target but with something more quality. You have first brands in electronics besides the Chinese brands. Here you will find prices somewhat higher in some products but also the quality is somewhat superior. That yes, the quality in the white marks is still low, although it is something superior to Kmart and Target. It depends a lot on the type of product.

Sydney Paddy’s Markets: This mega Asian supermarket located in China Town, Sydney, has almost everything you can imagine and more. If you need something to get out of the way you can buy it here, but do not even think about buying technical material like mountain backpacks or trekking shoes or you will regret it. Their strong point are the packs of vegetables and fruit that they put on offer one day a week.

-Other similar markets in the rest of cities both outdoors and covered are:

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne.
Fremantle Markets, Perth.
Carrara Market, Gold Coast.
Eumundi Markets, Sunshine Coast.
Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide.
Eagle Farm Market, Brisbane.
Salamancer Market, Hobart, Tasmania.

Health prevention

All travellers:

Routine vaccines: Make sure you keep up to date with all routine immunizations before each trip. These vaccines include measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, chickenpox, polio, and flu vaccine.

Some travellers:

* Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you will need based on where you are traveling, how long you will do it and what kind of activities you will be doing on your trip. Australia is a very clean country with an impeccable private health care system. Even so, prevention is not over and these are the diseases that you could contract:

– Hepatitis A: This disease occurs all over the planet and sometimes in countries with very low risk to get it. You can get hepatitis A through food or contaminated water. Talk to your doctor to find out if you may need this vaccine.

-Hepatitis B: You can get hepatitis B through sexual contact, contaminated needles, blood transfusions and activities where blood or wounds can occur. This vaccine is recommended if you are having sex with a new partner, get a tattoo or a piercing, or you will have any surgery.

-Encephalitis Japanese: Depending on what season of the year you are traveling, you may need this vaccine if you are going to visit some remote areas of Australia for more than a month or if you spend a lot of time practicing outdoor activities in those areas during a short trip. Your doctor will help you decide if you need this vaccine based on your plans. Japanese encephalitis is acquired by the bite of mosquitoes infected with this virus. Click on the link below to learn more about this disease Japanese encephalitis in Australia.

-Rabia: Rage is transmitted through bats in Australia. However, this is not a major risk for most travelers. Rabies vaccines are recommended only for these groups:

• Travelers engaged in outdoor activities and other activities in remote areas that put them at risk for bites from bats (such as adventure travel or caving expeditions)

• People who will be working around bats, such as biologists, wildlife researchers and forest rangers.

Yellow fever: There is no risk of yellow fever in Australia. The Australian government requires proof of yellow fever vaccination, only if you are arriving from a country at risk of yellow fever such as Africa, Central America and South America. Through the link below you can check if your country is on the list of countries at risk of transmitting yellow fever. Countries with risk of yellow fever virus (YFV) transmission.

* For more information go to ( It is a reliable source of online health information and is the official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The web is in English.

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