Help us achieve our challenge and regenerate the planet, planting more than 1,000,000 trees in the next 3 years.

Welcome to the climate change fight collection of nature photography NFTs:

-We are a group of adventure travel professionals named Ultimate Wild Trip, nature enthusiasts,s and photography lovers. We want to create this NFT’s Nature Fine Art Collection as a solidary and regenerative campaign to fight climate change and restore our planet. We are committed to planting 1000 trees when an NFT of this collection is sold for the first time. We have partnered with Tree-Nation to accomplish this challenge. Our goal is to plant 1.000.0000 trees in the next 3 years. Just the first NFT owner will get a unique certificate of the plantation & reforestation project posted in Tree-Nation. There he/she will be able to check and download the certificate, with the destination and the reforestation project description, the tree species planted, the Kg CO2 offset, and the SDG goals achieved for the project.

Help us to make this world a better place to live for the future generations to come. 

You can buy any of our NFTs in the OPEN SEA Marketplace at this link

We will plant 1000 trees for every NFT sold. Join our green revolution, and be part of the change.



Contact us and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.