Discover how the specialization and variety of our services make us adventure tailors, in the design of tailor-made luxury experiences.


-To choose a trip, you must check the following parameters: the types of activity you want to perform, the physical level, the trip duration, the trip speed, the service level and the type of organization.

-Depending on how you combine these characteristics, you will have cheaper or more expensive trips.

-On the home page of each country or destination, you can see most of these parameters, reflected in the “trip box” of each trip. If you need to see more detailed information, you just have to enter each trip and look at the different drop-down menus. You will have explained this content, in the drop-down menu “important information”, of each individual trip.

-Now, we explain in more detail, the parameters to be able to choose properly, your next adventure:

1.According to travel style:

-Cultural adventures: Rural tours, indigenous tribes, conservation projects, community tours, gastronomic / artisan tours, etc.

-Multi-adventure: Several adventure sports.

-Trekking trips: multiday walking tours in nature.

-Mindful travel: yoga, surf & wellness

-Water expeditions: snorkeling, diving, rafting, kayaking, boat safaris.

-Fly&Drive multiadventure: Trips with rental car.

-Remote destinations: Isolated remote areas, total contact with nature.

Cycling tours: stage bike tours.

-Ultimate Wild Expeditions: Multi-adventure expeditions, with a high physical requirement.

2.According to physical level:

-Moderate: Walks from 2h to 4h with little slope, cultural tours, snorkeling and diving activities, etc. It is not required to be fit, but you will need to have good health.

-Active: Walks from 4h to 6h with some slope, class III and IV rafting tours and kayak tours at sea. It is required to be fit, play sports frequently and be in optimal health.

-Wild: Multi-day hikes from 6h to 12h with hard mountain slopes, mountaineering trips hiking from 2500m to 6500m altitude, multi-day class III and IV rafting expeditions, multi-day diving expeditions and sea kayaking tours with waves. It is required to be really fit, loves sports challenges and adventure tourism, play sports frequently and be in optimal health.

3.According to travel speed:

-Slow travel: 3 to 5 nights per destination

-Fast travel: 1 to 2 nights per destination

4.According to service level:

-Luxury Cat.D: Combine rooms of standard and superior category, in 3 *, 4 * and 5 * hotels, with shared door-to-door transfers, domestic flights, and group tours. The naturalistic experience is prioritized in remote destinations, even if there are not luxury hotels. Private transfers/tours, when there are no shared services in a destination.

-Luxury Cat.C: Exactly the same as “Luxury Cat.D”, but only with 4 * and 5 * hotels.

-Luxury Cat.B: Suites and superior category rooms, in 4 * and 5 * hotels, combining private transfers, domestic flights, and private/group tours.

-Luxury Cat.A: Premium Plus room in 4 * and 5 * hotels, private transfers, shared or private flights, and private tours.

5.According to organization:

– Independent tailor-made trips: You travel on your own, according to service level (4). Transfers door to door. Tour guide not included.

– Independent customized self-guided trips: You travel on your own with a rental car, according to service level (4). Tour guide not included.

– Shared organized trips with a guide: Shared group trips, according to service level (4), with driver/tour guide to lead the journey. Coming soon!

– Private organized trips with a private guide: Private groups/friends/families, according to service level (4), with private driver/tour guide to lead the journey.

6.According to duration:

-Full version: Travel from 18 to 26 days.

-Standard version: Travel from 14 to 17 days.

-Taste version: Travel from 11 to 13 days.

-Flash version: Travel from 7 to 10 days.


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