Sustainable tourism is the only possible way to conserve our ecosystems.


1.Sustainable practices in the office.

2.Sustainability in our trips.

3.Travel and explore responsibly.


-We hire an electric company, supplied by renewable energy.

-LED illumination in all rooms

-We do not use fax

-We use boarding passes, vouchers, and digital invoices.

-We only print documents as a last resort.

-We request the companies that provide services to the office, to send invoices of their services always in digital format. Companies that provides services such as water, electricity, internet, telephony, banking services, consultancies, marketing companies, freelance services, etc.

-We use recycled paper to make necessary prints, and old papers, to take notes.

-We only have commercial brochures of our services, in digital format.

-We come to the office walking, by bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric motorbike or public bus.

-All employees use reusable metal bottles for water.

-In the office, we use separated bins for trash recycling.

-The agency supplies and materials are purchased from local companies, to reduce the CO2 footprint of transport.


Can you imagine a planet without plants and animals? It is time to repair all the damage we have caused, with our activity and our evolution.

Species lost per day

Millions/year cut down trees

Mill.Ton/year plastic poured into sea

Mm/year sea level rise


-Ultimate Wild Trip is a sustainable travel company, focused on promoting responsible tourism, ecotourism / ecotravel / ecotours, and green tourism.

-In our trips we include shared transfers by minibus and sea / air shared transfers, whenever possible, and if there is no better alternative. If there are eco-providers of electric rental cars, and there is a good infrastructure of recharging points in the country or the area to visit, we always recommend the rental of electric cars in ourstrips.

-In all our destinations, we have our flagship product, the «Sustainable Impact Adventures». They are our eco-experiences where the vast majority of services are sustainable, with eco-responsible accommodation, electric rental cars, and where we include social and environmental impact activities, for the most demanding clients in terms of the footprint they want to leave in the visited destination. Do not hesitate to ask us about these trips!

-We make travelers aware of good practices, such as recycling, using reusable bottles, not contaminating, saving water and energy in hotels, staying in eco-lodges, not requesting the daily replacement of sheets and towels in hotels, and respecting wildlife and plants of each country.

-We make travelers aware so that they do not promote or participate in their trips, in activities, or practices, which include the following: use of animals as tourist entertainment and transport, child exploitation, and commercial sexual exploitation.

-We measure the carbon footprint of all our trips, to offset it in reforestation projects, in rural areas of countries with fewer resources. If our clients decide to offset their footprint voluntarily, we donate the same amount, to local community projects and environmental conservation projects.

-We minimize the number of domestic flights within the country our clients visit.

-We give priority to adventure tours that leave a reduced CO2 footprint, such as hiking, kayaking, rafting, paragliding, canyoning, climbing, etc.

-We choose local proximity tour companies, located near to the daily activities to minimize the transport footprints.

-We work with local and family small-medium size companies, to promote rural and sustainable tourism development in the area.

-We promote community tours and tours of artisan trades, to learn about local traditions, support small producers, and prevent these sustainable trades from disappearing and becoming obsolete due to lack of demand.

-We prioritize collaboration with sustainable tourism companies, or interested in good practices so our trips can leave the minimum footprint.

-We connect travelers with local indigenous communities, promoting respect and preservation of their culture and rights while collaborating and supporting community projects.

-We offer to the travelers educational experiences, and we provide them the possibility to support projects in each destination, visiting animal rescue centers, planting trees on their trips to offset their CO2 footprint or participating in sustainable community eco-projects.

-We donate 10% of our annual net turnover to reforestation, protection of endangered species, to preserve the heritage and culture of indigenous groups in each destination, construction of water wells and self-subsistence orchards in areas with fewer resources, humanitarian aid, participation in renewable projects, collaboration in sustainable community projects to promote rural development and assistance in environmental projects.

-We reward travelers who act 100% sustainably on their trips.


We openly believe that the only way to preserve this incredible planet, so new generations can continue to enjoy it, is to create awareness starting with ourselves. We believe that it is really important to travel respecting everything that surrounds us. We imagine that many of you have exemplary behavior. This is usually the normal thing among athletes and adventure travelers, who practice outdoor sports. But for those who are starting or for those who are still a little bit lost, from here, we beg you to travel in a responsible and sustainable way. Take care of forests and oceans, please. We do not ask you to collect the garbage that you find at your path, wherever you go, but at least, do not collaborate in accumulating more waste. Do not harm plants and animal species of each place. Sometimes, we do not realize, but those plants that we uproot, those shells, starfish or corals that we take home, or the stress that we produce to the native animals of each place, can alter the natural course of the ecosystems.

Do not pollute the rivers, or pour soap or any chemical substances into them.

Do not hunt or kill living beings unless you are in a life or death situation. Killing defenseless animals is not a sport. If humanity continues in this way, in 50 years there will be no species left. Therefore, we are solely responsible for this not happening. Can you imagine a world without animals and plants?

Every day 150 species become extinct, because of human activity. We are killing the bees, which are the main pollinator, in the ecosystems that contain flowering plants.

We really believe that human beings can do incredible things and can learn from their mistakes. We hope that little by little, the self-destructive dynamic will change, in which humanity has been involved in the last centuries.

So we encourage you to collaborate with this cause, this does not require money, does not require donating, or doing hard volunteer work. Simply a behavior based on mutual respect, with everything around us. Small changes are the engine that activates the most remarkable achievements of humanity.

From Ultimate Wild Trip, we thank you for any significant changes you can make in this regard. And for those who already enjoy exemplary behavior, 1000 thanks for preserving our ecosystems responsibly.


We have written a post on our blog, with some useful tips, to be a sustainable traveler.


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