Only a few have the courage to explore and venture into the unknownOnly a few have the constant need to travel and navigate toward new horizons. After each new adventureyou are never the same again. At Ultimate Wild Tripwe not only design life-changing eventsbut we are also creators of experiences that last over time. 

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Longevity events, biohacking events, events for entrepreneurs…

Ultimate Wild Trip group runs life-changing events for intrepid founders.

We bring leaders and global change-makers together to explore, grow, create lasting connections, and impact lives for the better. We are committed to generating the perfect environment to thrive and to solve the challenges facing humanity.

Our vision:

Entrepreneurs are high-performance people and need to network with high-level individuals who can help them to grow in uncertain environments. Entrepreneurship is a really hard and lonely adventure. Founders need life-changing experiences and deep connections to survive and thrive through this roller coaster. Founders need to live tailormade curated experiences shared with other people who can understand what they are going through

Our mission:

We created Ultimate Wild Events to offer regenerative and experiential short journeys for busy founders, who want to connect with wonderful individuals and level up their game to achieve their purpose. Retreats where we combine yoga, meditation, qigong, HIIT, cold plunges, and adventure activities in the mornings, with conferences with keynote speakers in the afternoon. Conventions operated in wild destinations with an extra 2 days trade show to bring together, founders, exhibitors with the last technologies, and investors. Fun elevator pitch sessions, and life-changing networking. All with a prebiotic anti-inflammatory diet and antiaging supplementation during your stay in 5* hotels. We care for our founders to thrive together.

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