1. The beginning of Ultimate Wild Trip

The idea of ​​Ultimate Wild Trip was born in 2015, during a 6-month expedition through Oceania and Southeast Asia. During this trip, our founder discovered the lack of specialization in luxury adventure tourism, its reduced presence in rural areas and the serious environmental impact it leaves on our planet.

-With these shortcomings and the strong need for a change in the luxury tourism sector, Ultimate Wild Trip emerged.

A different concept of Premium adventure travel is born, in which the excessive luxury and the ostentatious services of high environmental impact, go to a 2nd plane. Giving priority to the unique user experiences, the integral contact with the wild nature, lodging the client in eco-lodges on remote locations and the connection with local culture and customs.

2. Our visión

Ultimate Wild Trip, is committed to sustainable and ecological luxury tourism, which promotes the development of rural adventure tourism. Our vision is to offer unique naturalistic experiences with low environmental impact, combined with a great cultural immersion.

We are obsessed with the quality of our tours, and the user experience. Our goal is, that you cannot find an experience like ours, in any other agency and if you get to find one, then we have a challenge.

To do this, we accommodate customers in remote hotels in the wildest areas, away from the main overcrowded tourist areas. In this way, they can enjoy disruptive activities and experiences, just by leaving their stay and walking for a few minutes.

To prepare this cocktail, we include the perfect mix of multi-adventure tours, combining it with indigenous experiences, rural/farmer/artisan and gastronomic tours, visits to eco-community projects and sustainable villages, environmental conservation centers and educational tours to rescue and rehabilitation animal centers.

With the reservation of our trips, you are collaborating in the progress of rural economies, environmental protection and the preservation of local culture and its heritage.

There are studies that confirm that the increase in the connection with local communities and with the fauna and flora of the visited place, is associated with an exponential improvement of the client’s travel experience.

Additionally, all our clients receive information about the sustainability of the trip and the available community projects with which we collaborate. Thus giving the opportunity, to contribute with your support, directly to the visited destination. There is nothing comparable, to the satisfaction produced, to see the faces of gratitude, of the people who you give your help. Donating to an NGO is fine, but donating directly to the needy is priceless.


A new concept of tailor-made travel and sustainable luxury adventure expeditions:

We are the first tour operator in the world, which shows you online, the CO2 footprint of each trip, and the optional extra services of the package.

We also allow you to offset it in different certified reforestation projects, in the neediest rural areas of the planet.

Countries visited

Travel styles

We offset 100% of our CO2 footprint

Planted trees per trip

3. Our team

Our team is made up of adventure travel lovers, sustainable luxury tourism experts, and tourism marketing freaks. The best way to offer a unique experience is by trying it by yourself, before putting it on sale. That is why all our own tours have been created by our staff, after reaching summits, jumping from airplanes, diving among the largest cetaceans in the ocean and camping in the thickest jungles.

We love to explore and mark our map with flags of conquest, of all the countries that we cross in our path. If you like adventure sports, comfort and premium services, stay with us. We are going to show you the world, as nobody has ever done it before. You are going to shake your bucket list like a twister.

We believe that the experiences you live, when you venture into the unknown, are those that forge our character, becoming extraordinary beings. For us, there is no equal feeling, which you experience when you first enter, in a wild and totally remote environment.

We do not collect material things. We like to collect moments. There is nothing more satisfying than the smile produced when remembering, some of the best adventures in which you have been immersed.

Life can be an incredible journey, but you only have the opportunity to live it once. If you do things right, once can be more than enough.

See you on the path mates …

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