2.1.Aragón: remote paradises, and wild nature

From € 2815,95: 1 person / double room for 2 people

From € 2115,89: 1 person / triple room for 3 people

From € 1883,37: 1 person / quadruple room for 4 people


*Ultimate Wild Trip sells mostly, tailor-made trips. The final price of the trip will depend on the following variants: the seasonal rates of each service, the availability of transport and activities, the minimum number of people to operate each tour, and the type of accommodation available at the time of the reservation. Trips are operated 365 days per year. Some of the tours included in this trip could be operated only in the spring-summer seasons. Request winter activities for trips operated in autumn and winter. Some hotels may be in operation only in the high season. This trip includes transportation with a rental car. To add private transfers or private transportation service with a driver-tour leader with concierge service, request an additional quote. This package is a trip with standard-level rooms and a combination of shared and private tours. To change the level of services, request a tailor-made quote.

Trip details


Day 1: Arrival – Cantavieja “El Maestrazgo”

Day 2: Cantavieja “El Maestrazgo”

Day 3: Cantavieja “El Maestrazgo”

Day 4: Cantavieja “El Maestrazgo” – Benasque

Day 5: Benasque

Day 6: Benasque

Day 7: Benasque – Plan “Chistau Valley”

Day 8: Plan “Chistau Valley”

Day 9: Plan “Chistau Valley”

Day 10: Plan “Chistau Valley” – Broto / Torla “Ordesa National Park”

Day 11: Broto / Torla “Ordesa National Park”

Day 12: Broto / Torla “Ordesa National Park”

Day 13: Broto / Torla “Ordesa National Park” – Departure

Travel plan


Arrival. Accommodation. You will pick up the rental car and arrive at the first destination, Cantavieja. After your arrival, cultural walking tour in towns such us Mirambel, Iglesuela del Cid and Cantavieja, one of the most beautiful towns in Teruel, located on a steep rock. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, a hiking tour to the footbridges of Valloré and to the source of the Pitarque River, 5km of trail in a wonderful environment. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, a caving tour to Recuenco Cave, little known by the general public, but highly valued by cavers from all over Spain. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. Today you will arrive at your second destination, Benasque. But first, you will enjoy a rafting tour on the Esera River, to fall in love with the beautiful landscape of the Benasque Valley. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, a hiking tour through the Estós Valley, visiting the Batisielles and Escarpinosa Glaciar Lakes. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, level 1 mountain bike downhill tour, from Llanos del Hospital to Benasque, with Llanos del Hospital being one of the most impressive places in the entire Benasque valley. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. Today you will head to your next destination, Plan. Before that, you will enjoy a kayak tour in the Mediano Lake. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, a hiking tour to Ibón de Plan, also known as Basa de la Mora, and considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Pyrenees. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, a hiking tour combined with 4WD car, to the Añisclo Canyon and Monte Perdido Viewpoints, the highest limestone massif in Europe. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. Today you will arrive at your next destination, Broto. To start the day, you will take a Via Ferrata Guided Tour in the Sorrosal Waterfall. The views are spectacular and you can reach the top of the waterfall. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, a hiking tour to the Ordesa Waterfalls. Ordesa is the second oldest national park in Spain. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Bed and breakfast. In the morning, you will go on a hiking tour with 4WD support, to the Tozal de Comas, a lonely peak that offers an extraordinary panoramic view of part of the Sobrarbe, especially highlighting the view of the Ordesa Valley. Free time in the afternoon at the customer’s disposal.


Breakfast. Today your trip comes to the end. Last walks to see important spots, as well as to give back the rental car.

Inclusions / Exclusions / Optional extras



-Includes basic medical assistance insurance for non-Spanish tourists, which covers most adventure activities at the destination.
-The providers of adventure activities include accident insurance and R.C insurance, to be able to operate their tours safely.

*Transport: Premium car rental for self-guided trips:

-Subject to request and availability, this optional service includes a Premium car rental with Super Cover without excess. See trip rates in the “Payment conditions, departures, and rates” section.
-Type of car: Nissan Qashqai, Seat León or similar, subject to availability.
-The Super Cover and vehicle warranty includes: Total Collision Damage and theft protection without excess (CDW + SC), additional driver, unlimited kilometers, airport service charge, road tax, fees, and local taxes (VAT).
-The vehicle does not include: Fuel, other additional coverage available at the branch such as personal accident and effects cover, Premium roadside assistance service, out of hours car delivering or picking up, charge for crossing the border, infant/child seats, booster car seats, GPS and Wi-fi Hotspots (4G mobile access). You can hire any of these extras at the Hertz branch.
*The Super Cover warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use of the car, such as: damage to tires, glass, the interior of the car, loss or damage to car keys, and misuse during refueling. If you have an accident and do not submit the police report to the insurance, the Super Cover warranty does not cover the damages caused.
*It is mandatory: Be at least 25 years old, and showing in the branch a driving license with at least 1 year of validity. At the time of rental, the driver must be in possession of a NOT electronic credit card (NOT prepaid).
*For more information about the client’s obligations, check the following drop-down menu “Car rental requirements”.


-Accommodation: Standard rooms in 3*, 4* hotels or charming rural hotels, subject to availability. Meals included: breakfast.
-The category of the hotel and the rooms will be always subject to availability. In remote areas and natural parks, where there are no luxury hotels, we will book the best option available in terms of comfort and service.
-Some destinations could include half-board or full-board meals. This will be mentioned in the “Accommodations” tab.
-Subject to availability of the accommodations and the client’s choice, the trip could exceptionally include mountain apartments or cabins with kitchen, on a room-only basis.


-Breakfasts: 12
-Lunches: 0
-Dinners: 0

Tour guides & Tour leaders:

-This trip does not include a daily tourist guide on travel.
-All tours and activities included in the trip, have a local Spanish-speaking and English-speaking guide. These guides are for activities only. In some destinations, there is the possibility of renting private guide services, for half-day or a full day.

Tours and activities:

-Tours and private activities according to the itinerary, detailed below, and commented on the “travel plan”. Adventure tours include VAT, certified guides, technical material when specific equipment is necessary, accident insurance, and R.C. Some tours or multi-day expeditions, could exceptionally include snacks, appetizers, or lunch/dinner.
-Normally, private adventure tours and community tours will be operated by external activity companies of each rural destination, to support small local businesses, promote rural development, avoid the rural emptying, enrich the sustainability of the trip by distributing its services, and including local businesses with environmental awareness, to reduce travel drives and minimize the CO2 footprint.


-Any other service not mentioned in the “Inclusions” section.
-Meals and drinks not mentioned as included.
-Tips and personal extras.
-Personal medical expenses
-Visits and excursions are not mentioned as included in the Travel plan.
-Extension of assistance insurance coverage: it is recommended to take out comprehensive adventure assistance insurance, with rescue and coverage for 100% of the adventure activities of the trip.
-International / domestic flights, from the country/place of residence to the holiday destination, and international/domestic flights back to the country/place of residence. Check rates with us.
-For Christmas, New Year, and Easter seasons and special events, there may be minimum stays and/or mandatory supplements for dinners in some of the hotels. Check rates with us.
-Local taxes or eco-taxes charged by certain tourist areas are not included unless otherwise specified. These amounts will be paid directly to the destination.
-If the transfer pick-up time to the airport or to the hotel is too early or too late, and you can not enjoy some part of the meal board included in the trip, this part will not be refunded.


*Private transportation service with driver-guide and concierge service:

This is comfortable private service, for VIP clients, with a professional driver and guide at your service, for the entire trip.

The service includes:
-Rental of Premium vehicles, sedans, station wagons, or vans, with the driver, included.
-The fuel of the car.
-Professional driver-guide in private service throughout the trip, with a good level of Spanish and English.
-Transport of luggage.
-Pick up and drop off transfers to the airports and hotels in the main Spain cities (Islands excluded), on the first and the last day of the trip.
-The driver will be the tour leader. He will offer to the client optional guided experiences in his spare time, such as cultural visits and community tours. The clients could choose every day if they want a free afternoon or explore the área with a local expert.
-Pick up and drop off transfers to the meeting point of all daily tours and experiences booked, with the local tour companies of the visited destination.
-Concierge service during the trip, daily reservations in restaurants and events, and pick up and drop off transfers to the restaurants chosen by the clients.
-Service of transport and assistance 24 hours, for emergencies and unexpected health problems, of the customers.

Optional extra activities:

Tours are available in the private version and shared version. Minimum of 4 to 5 people to operate any shared tour, or pay the difference until the minimum group price is completed. Some tours may require a minimum of 5 to 8 people to be operated. Any addition or change of the services will produce a variation in the final price of the trip

Payment conditions, departures, and rates

*Payment conditions: A minimum deposit of 5% of the total amount of the trip will be paid, after accepting the quotation, as a mandatory step, in order to request availability from the suppliers. In group trips, the initial deposit will be 10% of the total amount of the trip.

After confirming the availability of the travel services, and depending on the organization of the trip, the balance or remaining amount will be paid, as follows:
After confirming the availability of the travel services, and depending on the organization of the trip, a deposit of 35% will be paid to confirm the reservation with the suppliers. The balance or remaining amount of the trip will be paid as follows:

a) 25 days or before the first day trip, on individual travels.
b) 45 days or before the first day trip, on group travels. Groups of 8 people or more are considered.

*Exceptions: After accepting the budget, 100% of the total amount of the trip will be paid, in the following cases:

a) In reservations requested within 25 days prior to the start of the trip, for individual trips.
b) In reservations requested within 45 days prior to the start of the trip, for group trips. Groups of 8 people or more are considered.

*Important information on rates: The final price indicated on the website is approximate. These rates are subject to the availability of a certain type of room in each hotel and on the availability of transport services and activities. As in any tailor-made trip, this price must be quoted exactly, after confirming availability with all the trip providers. After confirming the availability of services, there may be increases or decreases of the initial quotation, subject to the availability of the providers.
*Regardless of the rates shown below, if a travel package is booked in a period that includes different seasons, every day will be quoted in their right season.

Departures: There are departures 365 days per year.


From € 2815,95: 1 person / double room for 2 people

From € 2115,89: 1 person / triple room for 3 people

From € 1883,37: 1 person / quadruple room for 4 people

*Supplements from 25 euros/person/tour, for winter activities with the material rental included.
*Request a quote and availability without hesitation to calculate the exact rate depending on the season, the category of the room, the number of people, the type and number of activities, the type of transfer and its dates, and defining if it will be a private or shared services trip.



-Hotel: Balfagón Hotel & SPA
-Length of Stay: 3 nights
-Meals: bed and breakfast
-Hotel category: 4*
-Room type: Comfort interior, subject to availability.
-Room capacity: 2 persons


-Hotel: Selva D’Ansils Hotel
-Length of Stay: 3 nights
-Meals: bed and breakfast
-Hotel category: 3*
-Room type: Double, subject to availability.
-Room capacity: 2 persons


-Hotel: Mediodía Boutique Hotel
-Length of Stay: 3 nights
-Meals: bed and breakfast
-Hotel category: 3*
-Room type: Double, subject to availability.
-Room capacity: 2 persons


-Hotel: Pradas Ordesa Hotel
-Length of Stay: 3 nights
-Meals: bed and breakfast
-Hotel category: 3*
-Room type: Double, subject to availability.
-Room capacity: 2 persons

Important information


*Travel style:

-Cultural Adventures 20%: This style of travel, can include cultural visits such as visits to monuments/towns/museums/monasteries/ghost villages/castles and visits to heritage and various historical remains. Some excursions may also include visits to environmental conservation projects, gastronomic tours, wineries tours, tours of artisan trades, peasant tours, etc.
-Multi-adventure 80%: This style of travel includes varied adventure activities and tours. Multi-adventure trips can include activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, caving, hiking of all levels, mountaineering, zip lines, climbing, canyoning, quad tours, helicopter tours, ultralight flights, paragliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc.

*Physical requirements:

-70% Moderate: Short hikes from 2 to 4 hours, cultural tours, snorkeling and diving activities, etc. It is not required to be fit, but to be in good health.
-30% Active: It is required to be fit, playing sports frequently, and being in optimal health. Hikes from 4h to 6h, rafting tours with class III-IV rapids, kayak tours in lakes and rivers, etc.

*Travel speed:

-100% Slow travel: from 3 nights per destination

*Service level:

-Luxury Cat.D: 3*, 4* hotels, and charming rural huts, shared transfers/tours, or rental cars.

*Trip organization:

-Individual tailor-made trip with rental car

*Length of the trip: 13 days


-This product is a tailor-made trip. After confirmation of the quote, the final reservation may include different services to the initial trip, with their respective variations in the rates, and the contracting conditions.
-The tailor-made trips are journeys designed carefully from scratch. Availability in hotels and services is not guaranteed until the first deposit or trip payment is done. Essentially clients must have a good attitude, flexibility, and ability to adapt, to possible variations.
-Some flight companies, taxi boats, cruise ships, or land transfers, may charge a supplement for check-in excess baggage. The scheduled flight times can be modified by the airlines.
-It is recommended to bring flexible backpacks with handles for the back or backpacks and waterproof open shoes, to get on the taxi boats.
-In tailor-made trips with a rental car, it is recommended to rent 4×4 all-wheel-drive vehicles with high wheels. There are some destinations and hotels, with only access by unpaved roads, in mountain areas.
-The price of the trip does not include local taxes or eco-taxes charged by certain tourist areas unless otherwise specified. These amounts will be paid directly to the destination.
-If the transfer pick-up time to the airport or to the hotel is too early or too late, and you can not enjoy some part of the meal board included in the trip, this part will not be refunded.
-There may be additional costs in some local airports, only payable at the destination.
-The total price of the trip and all its services may vary depending on the season and some variants, such as the price of fuel.
-This trip is a tailor-made travel package, with 3*, 4* hotels and charming rural hotels, rental car or shared transfers, private/shared activities, and daily departures. It is an exclusive service for adventurers, comfortable, operated between rural areas of great beauty, and with scheduled times.
-Transfers or rental cars can be booked as an additional service, with the other package services.
-When the trip includes transfers: If the arrival and departure flight times do not match with working hours, the transfers provider may charge an additional fee for night transfer or private transfer.
-The order and schedule of the visits may vary according to the season, river flow, events, regional festivals, etc. It will be reported at the destination.
-Exceptionally, in some places may be necessary to pay additional fees at the destination, as access tickets to natural attractions, museums, events, and National Parks, or bus tickets to access the surroundings. Examples: Entrance ticket to the Via Ferrata of the Sorrosal Waterfall, the Ordesa shuttle bus, or the bus to the Vallibierna Valley, etc.
-Most shared tours are operated with a minimum of 4 or 5 people. Some tours may require a minimum group of between 5 and 8 persons or a private service.
-Some activities are only operated on certain dates or times of the day, due to the weather, the season, or the migratory season of the animals. Consult previously.
-In hard weather conditions, for security reasons, the order and duration of the activities included in the trip could be subject to changes and even cancellations without prior notice.

* Important information about Hotels:

-Some accommodations can be found in the middle of the wild, and outside the urban centers. Ultimate Wild Trip prioritizes sustainable accommodation in rural areas, whenever possible, and these hotels keep minimum standards of comfort and service.
-Some hotels may close temporarily in the low season, or to carry out maintenance tasks, at certain times of the year. Consult previously.
-In some hotels, triple and quadruple occupancy is based on 2 Queen size beds in the same room. If privacy or single beds are required, request separate rooms or other options.
-Single travelers have important additional fees to book a single room.
-Once the reservation is made, if some hotel does not have availability, a hotel with similar characteristics will be offered, subject to the availability of the hotels in the area. If there are no available rooms or hotels of the same category, alternatives with similar characteristics will be sought, in nearby destinations, or destinations with similar attractions and leisure options.
-When you also book international flights, with Ultimate Wild Trip: After the air voucher issue, international flights will be non-refundable and changes, when allowed, will have management fees imposed by the airlines. Remember to download your electronic ticket, reconfirm the schedules, and check in on the airline’s website, or directly at the airport check-in counter.
-When the trip includes transfers: When transfers pick up the client before the hotel breakfast time, there is the possibility of requesting a takeaway breakfast the night before.


*Non-Spanish clients:

-It is the client’s responsibility to contact the respective Embassies, to find out the entry formalities required by the visited countries on the trip. Tourists from some countries must obtain a visa in transit to stopover at certain destinations, such as the United States.
-Pay special attention to flight stopovers in other countries, as travelers could be retained at customs, and not arrive in time to the destination country. This could lead to loss of services already paid, without being able to get a refund.
-Ultimate Wild Trip, always recommends using direct flights or flights with stopovers in countries without visa restrictions.

-Before traveling, pay special attention to the entry and exit policies of each country, due to the COVID19 pandemic. Ultimate Wild Trip, is not responsible for the services not enjoyed, due to delays or retention of clients, in customs or stopovers in other countries, due to COVID19.

Vaccines and health information:

-To travel to Spain you do not need to be vaccinated against any disease. Like other countries of the world, it is recommended to have the tetanus vaccine updated if you are going to be in contact with nature and the rural environment, as well as to have the official vaccination calendar updated. Some entities recommend in order to travel to any country in the world, vaccination against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and rabies.

-This information is for guidance only. Ultimate Wild Trip extracts health information from other specialized pages, and this could change, be modified, or be altered. For any health recommendation, consult a medical professional and visit the website of the Ministry of Health and Consumption.


-This trip is operated only in mountain areas, and rural areas near Natural Parks.
-The temperatures in summer are high during the day, with cool and pleasant nights. In Pyrenees towns with altitudes greater than 1500m, you have milder temperatures, and you can hike comfortably in high mountain trails, until 12:00. At noon in summer, the sun is strong in any part of the community. As you descend in altitude, and you go to areas of the Pre-Pyrenees, such as Los Mallos de Riglos, Sierra de Guara, Montsec, and areas of Teruel with moderate altitude, temperatures increase. Temperatures can range between 15º and 35º between day and night.

-Winters are cold, and snowfalls in high mountains begin in November. You usually can see some snow on the peaks, high valley areas, and alpine trails, until June and July, depending on the year. Temperatures can range between 5º and -15º, depending on the area and the altitude.

-In spring and autumn, temperatures are more moderate, with colder nights than in summer, and comfortable daily temperatures, when there is the sun.

-Depending on the area and the year, the rains can be quite irregular. It is recommended to always carry a raincoat, a waterproof cover for your backpack, and a hermetic cover for your mobile phone. It is really important, as in high mountain areas, rains in spring-summer, and snowfalls in winter, are normal.

What to bring:

-Comfortable clothing with short and long sleeves, and short and long pants, for hikes (fresh and easy-drying fabric).
-Sweatshirt or light jacket. In summer it is important to bring something warm for the nights, the early mornings, and for high mountain tours. At peaks between 2500m and 3300m, temperatures drop below 15º easily, and there are strong winds.
-In winter, it is necessary to wear warm technical clothing. At least 3 layers should be worn, such as a breathable long-sleeved thermal shirt, a breathable fleece-type mid-coat layer, and a windbreaker with a waterproof membrane. Long-leg technical mountain pants and technical trekking socks.
-Waterproof raincoat.
-Comfortable footwear for general use, and footwear suitable for hiking in the mountains, with non-slip sole. In winter hikes, it is important to wear rigid or semi-rigid waterproof hiking boots.
-Swimsuit, bath towel.
-Plastic/leather sandals with foot and ankle support straps. Essential for the practice of some water activities.
-Flexible suitcase or backpack, and small daily backpack (20l-35l) for walks.
-Insect repellent, and a small first-aid kit with the usual medication.
-Sun protection: cap/visor, sunglasses, sunscreen with a high protection factor.
-Flashlight or headlamp. A must for shared mountain shelters, and for night hiking tours.
-Binoculars: Optional. On naturalistic and animal watching tours, guides usually have it.
-Trekking or hiking poles: They are not mandatory, but the joints and knees appreciate it a lot on long hikes, with important slopes.

*Currency: The official currency of Spain is the Euro, and payments are only accepted in Euros. Credit/debit card payments are accepted in most shops and restaurants.

*Electricity: In Spain, the common voltage is 230 V. The frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs and sockets mostly type F (2 round pins), or type C (2 flat pins). When in doubt, carry an adapter in your suitcase


Ultimate Wild Trip is committed to sustainable and ecological luxury tourism, which promotes the development of rural tourism. Our vision is to offer unique naturalistic experiences with low environmental impact, combined with great community and cultural immersion.
When booking this trip, you are collaborating on the progress of rural economies, environmental protection, and the preservation of the local culture and its heritage.
There are studies that show when we increase connection with local communities, and the fauna and flora of the place visited, we get an exponential improvement in the customer’s travel experience.

-Ultimate Wild Trip offsets 100% of the CO2 footprint produced, both by our office and by our clients’ trips.

-We are the first tour operator to calculate and show you the CO2 footprint of all our tour packages during the booking process. And additionally, we allow you to offset it in different reforestation projects, in the neediest rural areas on the planet.
-In addition, we are committed to rewarding your environmental responsibility. If you voluntarily offset the CO2 footprint of your trip, Ultimate Wild Trip will donate the same amount to conservation projects, humanitarian causes, and community projects, of the destinations you visit.

Do you know the important benefits of planting trees?

-Your offset not only reduces polluting emissions, and slows down catastrophic climate change.
-By reforesting, you return the home to fauna and flora, which are in danger of becoming extinct in many ecosystems.
-The danger of flooding is reduced, due to the absorption of water from the roots of the trees, soil erosion is improved, and landslides are avoided.
-By planting trees, you stop the risk of desertification and avoid land degradation.
-In countries with famine and chronic malnutrition, food products derived from trees are a complement to agricultural crops and provide important micronutrients. Fruit trees are much more resistant to drought than agricultural crops.
-2.7 billion people live on less than $ 2 a day. Agroforestry and reforestation increase the productivity of the land, creating jobs and a secure and diverse source of income. Preserving the productivity of the land is key to avoiding massive migrations, economic crises, and humanitarian crises.

What C02 footprint does my trip produce?

To calculate the CO2 footprint of a trip, we first calculate the percentage of sustainability of the trip, based on the environmental responsibility of their suppliers. To this percentage of sustainability, we assign a coefficient or numerical value, previously reduced. Subsequently, we multiply this coefficient by the total gross emissions, and we obtain the calculation of the final net emissions.

-CO2 footprint to offset = 3.25 ton CO2

-Cost of offsetting the footprint in certified reforestation projects: approximately 34,2 euros

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