540 Wild Project. Round the world trip

Solidarity round the world trip

This project was born with the dream of fulfilling and getting our top 3 dreams. Round the world trip, traveling around the world in a campervan doing adventure sports and traveling around the world doing humanitarian and environmental work at the same time. The initial idea was traveling around the world in 540 days with a camper van, several adventure athletes and equipment to survive in the most adverse areas of the planet.

But realistically, this project will depend to find sponsors or partners to support the cost of it. The biggest cost as you can imagine is to get humanitarian aid for the most disadvantaged areas (food, medicines, creation of water wells, reconstruction of hospitals, etc.) and help to collaborate in environmental projects such as reforestation of forests and conservation of endangered animal species. The second most important cost would be getting a vehicle with capacity for several people and adapted to a trip of this magnitude.

We would like to travel in a electric campervan or electric motorhome supplied with solar panels. We believe that today the world has enough tools to stop polluting the planet and stop the disproportionate consumption of our natural resources. This would be a good opportunity to show the world that the consumption of fossil fuels is no longer necessary. There are enough alternatives for the change.

From www.ultimatewildtrip.com we believe that every act counts. Your small footprint could be followed by others creating a devastating chain effect or a repairing chain effect. Leave a footprint to make this world a better place to live.

If finally we can not start the project due to lack of sponsors, do not worry that we have a plan B. We will visit as many of these places as possible with alternative ways of transport. The word surrender is not in our vocabulary.

If you want to collaborate in this unprecedented solidarity round the world trip, send us a message and tell us how your company or yourself could collaborate and help us carry out this trip. Text to dani@ultimatewildtrip.com or leave a message on our contact form.

Thanks for follow our dream mates!!

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