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We really love what we do and this will end up being reflected in our work. We openly believe that the only way to preserve this incredible planet and that the new generations can continue to enjoy it is to create awareness beginning with ourselves. That is why I believe that it is of great importance to travel respecting everything that surrounds us. I imagine that many of you have an exemplary behavior. This is usually the norm among sportsmen who practice outdoor sports. But for those who are starting or for those who are still somewhat confused, from here we ask you to travel in a responsible and sustainable way. To take care of the forests and the oceans, we do not ask you to pick up the trash that you find in your path wherever you go, but at least do not collaborate in accumulating more waste. Do not damage the fauna, plants or animals of each place. Sometimes we do not realize, but those plants that we take, those shells, starfish or corals that we take home or the stress we produce to the native animals of each place, can alter the natural course of events in ways That you would not even imagine.

Do not pollute the rivers, nor pour any soap or any chemical substance into them. We all bathed in rivers, when we are in full excursion, for me it is one of the most rewarding experiences of traveling. But lathering and clearing you out of the water before re-entering is what makes the difference. In countries like New Zealand, Norway or Austria, people are extremely aware of the environmental cause. There the water of 80% of the rivers enjoys high levels of purity. I assure you it is one of the best waters I have ever approved.

Do not kill or kill living beings unless you are in a situation of life and death. Taking life from helpless animals is not a sport. If humanity continues in this dynamic in 50 years nothing is left, therefore it is in our hands, that this does not happen.

150 species are extinguished every day because of human activity. We are killing bees, which are one of the basic pillars of life on earth. If this happens, there is nothing left to preserve.

We really believe that human beings can do great things and can learn from their mistakes. We hope that little by little the self-destructive dynamics in which mankind has been involved in the last few centuries will change.

So we encourage you to collaborate with this cause, this does not require money, it does not require donating or doing hard volunteer tasks. Simply a behavior based on mutual respect with everything around us. There is no better way to create awareness than from the internet, where any message is able to go around the world in a matter of seconds.

From we thank you for any significant changes you may have regarding this topic. And for those who already enjoy exemplary behavior, 1000 thanks for preserving the ecosystem responsibly.

Species lost per day

Millions/year cut down trees

Mill.Ton/year plastic in the sea

Mm/year sea level rise



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