Tips to be a sustainable tourist

* Tips to be a sustainable tourist:

-Do not request the sheets and towels replacement, during the stay in each hotel. When long stays, try to run out without changing them as long as possible. When in doubt, ask yourself the following: Do I change my sheets daily at home?

-Use reusable metal bottles to drink water on your trips. Whenever possible, fill them with tap water.

-Turn off the lights, when you are not in the hotel rooms.

-Use natural light during the day.

-On hot days, try to use the natural ventilation of the windows, lower the blinds and use the awnings to keep the accommodation cool.

– Turn off the air conditioner whenever you leave the room.

-Try to book with environmentally responsible companies as eco-lodges and sustainable hotels.

– Unplug the electronic devices, when they have reached the full charge.

-As long as there are recycling bins nearby, use them in the right way.

– Take a shower with cold or warm water in summer, and open the tap responsibly. There are many tourist destinations, with drought problems, and lack of running water in the local network, due to over-exploitation, hotel swimming pools, golf courses, etc.

-Reduces the consumption of meat and fish on trips, and tries to ensure that its origin is from responsible practices that minimize the environmental impact.

-Do not feed wild animals or touch them. It is important to leave them their space, as interacting with them, you can cause them stress, anxiety or disorient them.

-Don’t buy tours where tour operators keep animals in captivity or use them to transport people or luggage.

-Do not buy tours that promote child exploitation.

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-Do not collaborate in commercial sexual exploitation on your trips.

-Visit without destroying or leaving a negative impact. Explore without making the place dirty, and consume without polluting.

– Do not print boarding passes; Take them on your smartphone.

– Use public transport and bicycle rental services.

– Try not to use domestic flights in the country of destination.

-Fly in economy class on international flights. Your individual CO2 footprint is smaller when you divided it among more people than if you were traveling in business or premium class.

– If you travel by rental car, and you have free seats, share your trip with other travelers. Post your itineraries on websites like Bla Bla Car and divide your footprint among more travelers. If you have the opportunity, rent electric cars and keep the tires always full inflated to reduce consumption. Avoid traffic and traffic jams, which increase fuel consumption and increase CO2 emissions.

– When buying souvenirs, choose handicrafts made by small businesses and local artisans.

– To eat, choose the typical dishes of the area. Consume local products, minimize CO2 footprint.

– Respect customs, religion, human rights, and local lifestyle. Always ask permission when taking a picture of someone.

-Use a sunscreen that respects the sea and the reefs.

-Try to avoid single-use plastic products.

-Travel in green or low season, to avoid overcrowded destinations and to provide incomes to small companies all the year.

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* Good practices that society should implement to be more sustainable:

-Fight against programmed obsolescence.

-Buy soaps, air fresheners, perfumes, and ecological cleaning products.

-Restore and repair furniture and other office supplies, before buying it again. When there is no other option, try to buy it second-hand, or newly recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

-Buy disposable garbage bags

-Controlling human births. Although it sounds like a Matrix saga, the human race cannot continue to have children without control. If we deplete all the natural resources of the planet in less than 1 year, just imagine what will happen when the world population doubles.

-Reduce the consumption of meat and fish to a minimum.

-Donate the material things that you no need longer, before to drop it in the bin.

-Minimize the consumption of single-use plastics.

-A total change to renewable energy.

-Total elimination of the use of fossil fuels.

-Use of electric, water, and hydrogen engines, in vehicles and industrial machinery.

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* In Ultimate Wild Trip we believe that each trip has to be a unique and unforgettable experience that is recorded in our memory for the rest of our days. That is why we know that to be able to offer different trips, which really touch people’s hearts, it is essential to be a specialist in the destination you offer. That is why we have visited and crossed from north to south all the countries in which we offer our own trips. We know firsthand what we sell. Whether you are planning to organize the trip on your own, or if you want professional advice, you can visit the page of our adventure destinations. If you are looking for something more personalized, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to organize an unforgettable custom adventure.

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