Best rural weekend breaks in Spain

Today we want to talk about those weekends when you want to know a new place or do something to disconnect from the week, but you don’t know what to do or where to go; for this reason, we believe that you will find this small guide to some rural weekend breaks in Spain useful, to some of the most beautiful and charming towns, each in its way, passing through the different Autonomous Communities of Spain: Catalonia, Aragon, Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, Canary Islands, and Balearic Islands.

Coast, mountain, culture, tradition, gastronomy … definitely, experiences that you will always remember and that we would like to help you to create! Let’s go!

  1. Getaway to Begur, Girona
  2. Getaway to La Garrotxa, Girona
  3. Getaway to Benasque, Huesca
  4. Getaway to Oñate and the Aránzazu Sanctuary, Gipuzkoa
  5. Getaways to Potes, Cantabria
  6. Getaway to Cangas de Onís, Asturias
  7. Getaway to the Agaete Valley, Gran Canaria
  8. Getaway to Valldemossa, Mallorca

1. Getaway to Begur, Girona

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

Begur located on the Costa Brava on the shores of the Mediterranean is one of the most charming and excellent of Girona towns.

It is full of cliffs, beaches and coves, vegetation … that can be perfectly visited on foot, some corners with greater accessibility and others for the more adventurers.

First, I recommend you visit the town itself and some of its places of greatest interest such as the Carmen Amaya Viewpoint, inspired by the flamenco dancer, and which has 2 of her sculptures. From here I guarantee you a perfect panoramic view of the entire area.

Go up to the Castle of Begur from the Torre de Sant Ramon crossing the hermitage of San Román. Declared an Asset of National Interest of the 16th century.

Of course, do not forget its beaches and coves such as Aiguablava, Fonda Beach, Fornells, Aiguafreda, Cala Sa Tuna, Racó Beach, Cala Illa Roja, Cala Sa Riera. I recommend you follow the Camino de Ronda that passes through the area to discover them little by little and, also do some diving activity and discover its seabed.

2. Getaway to La Garrotxa, Girona

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

15 hectares spread over 11 municipalities; the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, located in Girona, Catalonia.

It is made up of more than 30 volcanic cones and 20 lava flows, which is why in the Peninsula it is a referrer in terms of a volcanic landscape.

A lot of diversity of vegetation, full of oak, holm oak, and beech trees thanks to the richness of the soil and the climate of the area.

Perfect for those who like hiking, getting lost, and discovering new corners! It has innumerable signposted hiking trails which connect one with the other and will take you on foot to different points of interest in the park such as Ripollès, Alt Empordá …

In “Alta Garrotxa” we can see the different traditional activities of this area, and the agricultural and livestock importance, since we will find villages, hermitages, farmhouses … that reflect the cultural heritage; and for bird lovers, this area was declared a protected area for birds.

3. Getaway to Benasque, Huesca

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

If you like adventure sports, hiking, and especially snow sports, this is your place! The Benasque Valley is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

A must-do is to visit the Posets Maladeta Natural Park, perfect for trekking trails through the mountains that form it, such as Aneto, the highest peak in all the Pyrenees. You can also take quieter hiking trails and find waterfalls and glacial lakes.

In this area, visiting the Forau and the Aiguallut waterfall, in the Posets Park itself and below of the Aneto, takes its waters to the Atlantic at the thaw time.

Other activities that I would recommend in this ideal environment, are climbing, horse riding, cycling, a paragliding “ride” through the air to have another view of the Valley; and without a doubt skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of Cerler.

About gastronomy, dishes such as Cod Sauce, Ternasco, Wild Boar with Chocolate are some of the delicatessen of the area, fresh and come directly from the mountains.

The best option to take advantage of the time, enjoy a rural house for the weekend?

4. Getaway to Oñate and the Aránzazu Sanctuary, Gipuzkoa

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

We move to the Basque Country and the Oñate Valley, between San Sebastián and Vitoria in the interior of the region.

This place has a great natural and cultural wealth and that can be perfectly complemented.

I recommend starting with a hiking trail through the Aizkorri-Aralar Natural Park from the Arantzazu Sanctuary. Impressive sanctuary of Basque architecture, on the edge of a cliff, built by the supposed appearance of the Virgin Mary to a local shepherd; from here you can follow many trails and discover hidden places.

The Arrikrutz Cave is also a very beautiful point with a lot of history, formed by the erosion of the river over hundreds of years. Different bones and complete skeletons of different prehistoric animals have been found here.

If you want to really know the culture and tradition of the area, near the Arantzazu Sanctuary is Gomiztegui, a hamlet where they will teach you the traditions of the town and how things were done in the past: the grazing or the manufacture of the famous Arantzazu cheese ( and its tasting of course) are some of the recreations that you can experience.

If you want to know another wonder of nature, you must visit the one known as “Aitzulo window”, a kind of cave that crosses the mountain.

5. Getaways to Potes, Cantabria

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

Let’s go to Cantabria! Potes, Capital of Rural Tourism in 2020 and located in the Liébana region, in the middle of the 4 valleys that form it: Val de Baró, Cereceda, Valdeprao, and Cillorigo, so you just have to imagine the natural diversity that exists in the area, and the great opportunities in terms of activities.

One of the natural wonders that you must visit is the Herminda Gorge, the longest in Spain. I recommend you take a canoe and discover it from the Deva River that runs through it. Inside the gorge, you can visit the temple of Santa María de Lebeña, or the Hermida spa, which originated from the area’s own hot springs.

Fuente Dé and its famous cableway of course! You will have to travel a few kilometers from the center of Potes, but it is definitely worth it since it will take you to one of the most beautiful parks in Spain, or at least a small part of them, the “Picos de Europa” National Park, but calm in the next getaway you can enjoy more of these, I promise you!

If you want a quiet plan without leaving the town, I recommend you first visit the “Torre del Infantado” since from its heights you can have the best views of the town and the valleys that surround it and then have lunch or dinner in one of its restaurants and taste the gastronomy of the area based on local products.

I almost forgot! The Camino de Santiago has here the last stage of Cantabria and keeps in the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana one of the most precious assets of this journey, the largest piece of the cross of Christ in the world!

6. Getaway to Cangas de Onís, Asturias

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

Now we are going to the Natural Paradise, Asturias. Here the green of the mountain is lost with the blue of the Cantabrian Sea. One of the most beautiful areas of the community is Cangas de Onís, history, gastronomy, mountains, livestock, and privileged for being one of the entrances to the “Picos de Europa” National Park.

The first you should visit is the Roman Bridge, a Historic-Artistic Monument built in the Middle Ages, which has the “Victoria Cross” so representative of Asturias.

In the area, there are innumerable hiking trails, but since you will only stay there for a few days I will go to the most important and must-do: the “Picos de Europa” and all the places of interest that are kept in them.

First, get to the Picos and take a leisurely walk through the natural wonder that is found here, between the shepherds’ cows and the Enol, Ercina, and Bricial lakes.

After breathing in the pure air, head to Covadonga to see the Covadonda Cave, where the Virgin of Covadonga rests and where King Don Pelayo defeated the Muslims. Here you will also find the “Fuente de los Siete Caños” and a little further up the Basilica de Covadonga.

If you want adventure too, there is the Sella River where I recommend and, for me, it is a must-do if you visit Asturias, descend the river by canoe.

What to say about its gastronomy, “fabada”, Asturian potage, “cachopo”, fresh fish … with all this I would already be looking for the weekend trip to Spain.

7. Getaway to the Agaete Valley, Gran Canaria

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

We change the peninsula for Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands! Agaete is located on the coast, but it is full of mountains and the valley with its name, the Agaete´s Valley.

In the valley, you will breathe peace since it is not very crowded by tourists, but I definitely recommend it, you will find coffee crops and wine cellars where you can taste the local gastronomy paired with its “liquid gold”.

Hiking through the Tamadaba Natural Park with the largest Canarian pine forest on the island, and reaching the sea where between the vertical ravines and cliffs is the Roque Faneque.

A must-see is the Maipés Archaeological Park, a necropolis where there are hundreds of tombs of the aborigines and ancient inhabitants of the island.

Also, enjoy the coast of Agaete with its natural pools called the “Salinas de Agaete”, 3 volcanic pools. You can get to them from Nieves Port, a place where you should also visit its hermitage and a rock formation with a hand shape called “Roque Partido”.

8. Getaway to Valldemossa, Mallorca

escapadas rurales de fin de semana

In the Balearic Islands, you will find one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca, Valldemossa, in the heart of the “Sierra de Tramontana”, with stone houses and cobbled streets adorned with flowerpots.

It breathes art since it was inspired by the composer Frédéric Chopin, whose museum is one of the options to visit in the town; or the french writer George Sand.

Some of the points of interest that we recommend are:

– Real Cartuja Monastery

– Sant Bartolomeu Parish

– The Holy Trinity Hermitage

– “Costa Nord” cultural center

– Miranda des Lledoners viewpoint

For the more athletes, the tour will take you from the same town to Puig des Teix, one of the Tramontana peaks where you will enjoy spectacular views.

If you like the sea, it has quiet beaches and spectacular coves such as Cala de S´Estaca or Cala Sa Marina.

As for its gastronomy, some of the typical dishes of the area are potato cokes, Mallorcan fried food, Tumbet or “ensaimadas”.


Surely there will be many other places that you have heard of that do not appear on this list and are totally suitable, so we encourage you to tell us some of them and we can prepare many more guides like this to prepare weekend breaks in Spain!



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