Incredible things to do in Gran Canaria

In the Canary Islands is located this small island called Gran Canaria, it has a privileged climate throughout the year so it is perfect to spend a good vacation at any time of the year.

Its climate is just one of the many characteristics for which to visit it, some others are its numerous beaches where you can practice various water sports such as surfing and windsurfing, which are world references since some of the most important championships in the world are organized thanks to the wind that hits the island.

In summary, on the island, we can enjoy beaches, coves, dunes, and pine forests that mix with a volcanic environment and totally different colors.

With all this, here are some recommendations of things to do in Gran Canaria.

1. Maspalomas Dunes

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Possibly the most visited tourist attraction on the Island, which attracts countless visitors and it is not surprising, an immense sand desert that meets the blue color of the sea.

Declared a Special Natural Reserve, located in the south of the island, with 400 hectares area, it has different points of interest where you can spend the day and enjoy with friends or family; the dunes, Maspalomas beach, palm tree forests and a brackish lagoon called “La Charca”, all this surrounded by various hotel accommodations. 

A recommended hiking trail that crosses all these points of interest is to start at Playa del Inglés and follow the signposted path number 3 that ends at Maspalomas beach.

Our recommendation? Visit this spectacular setting at sunrise or sunset to admire the “play of colors” made by the sun, shadows, and the sea.

Nearby is the Maspalomas lighthouse, which is still in operation and has a Cultural Center where you can learn about past and present traditions of the area.

2. Puerto de Mogán

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Also located in the south of the island, this small coastal town with calm waters on its beach is perfect for enjoying a relaxing family vacation. 

You can simply enjoy a boat trip to see the island’s coastline or watch whales and dolphins, practice snorkeling, and investigate the seabed.

Deep-sea fishing is a sport that is also practiced a lot in the area due to the ease of renting a tour in the open sea and trying to catch a large marlin or tuna that then cook and close a perfect day!

On Fridays, it is a tradition the market in the port where you can find all kinds of products: food, textiles, traditional artisan products … Speaking of the port, one of the favorite plans is to walk through the different narrow streets adorned with flowers and finish the morning or afternoon in one of its restaurants to enjoy the gastronomy of the area.

3. Roque Nublo

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If we talk about what to do in Gran Canaria, this visit is mandatory; located in the interior of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of La Tejeda, a former place of religious worship, of volcanic origin and almost 90 meters high and 1800 meters above sea level (only surpassed by the Peak of Las Nieves), it has been attributed the greatest symbolic value of the island as a natural monument and the environment that surrounds it has been declared a Protected Natural Area and, later, the Nublo Rural Park.

The activity par excellence is to make small trekking of approximately 3 km round trip through which you will also cross other points of interest such as the “Roque de La Rana”, the “Roque de El Fraile” and the towns of Artenara and Acusa. From its highest point you can see the “la Caldera de Tejeda”, Llanos de la Pez, “Pozo de las Nieves”, and, if you are lucky, Mount Teide!

On the way back, it is also advisable to visit the Degollada de Becerra viewpoint or enjoy a dreamy sunset at the “Ventanas del Nublo”, which are geographical features on the mountain that resemble windows and allow you to observe the Roque Nublo, other places of interest and Mount Teide.


4. Teror

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The town of Teror is located in the north of the island, it is a town that you cannot miss on your itinerary of what to see in Gran Canaria.

Its picturesque Real de la Plaza street, cobbled and flanked by colorful facades and wooden balconies, is one of the greatest attractions of this place.

This is one of the oldest inhabited towns of all the Canary Islands and has a peculiar history since it is said that it was founded after the appearance of the Virgin in the 15th century, and since then baptized as Villa Mariana. It has the “Virgen del Pino” basilica, several convents, and noble houses whose center point has been the commented Real de la Plaza street for centuries.

As for gastronomy, the confectionery with its typical pastry is one of the greatest traditions of the municipality, and that you can find and taste in the Cistercian convent.

Other activities you can do are guided tours through the nature of the place at “Finca de Osorio”; and the Sunday market where you will find all kinds of products (artisan, textile, gastronomic).

5. Maipés archaeological park

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In the municipality of Agaete, northwest of Gran Canaria is located this open-air archaeological space from which, thanks to any of the tours that can be enjoyed, you will be able to know the aboriginal history of this place where they will explain the types of tombs and the history of the ancient inhabitants of the island. Afterward, you will follow the steel walkway and you will see hundreds of tombs up to 8 meters in diameter and 3 meters high.

 Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, it rests on a volcanic terrain and has approximately 700 tombs that date some of them from 1300 years ago.

Here you can see a mix of colors that stand out, with an arid terrain and the green color of the vegetation and makes it an essential place to learn about it and especially the history behind it.

6. Gran Canaria beaches

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We could not leave you without a list of beaches to visit, although not everything on the island is beaches, it is one of its most visited and diverse attractions:

          Las Canteras Beach 

Located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, internationally considered one of the best urban beaches. It is almost 3 km long and in addition to enjoying the sand and the sun, you can practice various sports such as snorkeling and surfing.

          Maspalomas Beach

It is located in the south of the island and is considered the best-known beach on the island. With countless services and the possibility of nudism in the designated areas. What to say about its surroundings! As I have mentioned before, its dunes, its palm trees, its lighthouse, and its lagoon.

         English beach

It connects directly with Maspalomas and can be reached on foot from this point. There are usually a lot of people where running and surfing are common, although if you want tranquility you can find an area where you can practice yoga. 

         Güi-Güi Beach

Located to the west of Gran Canaria, a virgin beach and in a remote area where there are not many tourists. You can reach it by boat from Puerto de Mogán or for the more brave by trekking about 5 km from Tasartico, which, of course, you will not regret.

         Guayedra Beach

It has one of the best sunsets on the island. Beach is located in the Tamadaba Natural Park, therefore it has rich vegetation, where palm trees are predominants. Nudist beach, from where you can see Nieves port and which is recommended to visit at low tide because its strong waves are dangerous.

         San Agustín Beach

One of the quiet beaches of the island, located to the south. Approximately 600 meters of sand with a calm swell so it is perfect to enjoy with children. 

          Anfi del Mar beach

Perfect to enjoy with children due to its calm waters, fine sand and different activities such as kayak, slides … Another plus point is the large shopping center located next to it, with restaurants and shops, so you can spend a complete day.

7. The Agaete Saltworks

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Its name is due to the old saltworks that were located in this area. To the northwest of the island, near Nieves port, are these 3 natural pools that stop the Atlantic waves as if it were a fortress. 

Sculpted in volcanic rock and connected by volcanic tubes, they are perfect for taking a bath, relaxing, sunbathing on their natural solarium, and enjoying views of the ocean and the entire coastline and cliffs of the coast. Its sunsets are also recommended, although the water can be cold!

Due to the strong winds, it is a perfect place for surfing and windsurfing, although when the wind is not blowing, it has always been a tradition to practice scuba diving in the area.

From the Port of Agaete it is easy to access them on foot or by car.

8. Painted Cave

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Another place what to visit in Gran Canaria, located to the north, in Galdar, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Canary Islands and that is a must if you want to know the history of the region, is the Museum and Archaeological Park of Painted Cave.

Its main purpose is to continue investigating, conserving, and exposing one of the largest archaeological sites on the islands.

Walking in front of this prehistoric town and admiring its original cave paintings, will make you travel to aboriginal times and thanks to the information provided by the guides, learn about this amazing Canarian history.


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