Top gadgets and adventure equipment

1.Garmin Virb XE

Nothing better than the GARMIN Virb XE camera to immortalize your video paths with a quality image. It stands out for its great definition and its wide angle, perfect for recording spectacular videos. This model has an image stabilizer and several levels of zoom, so you have several options like the best professionals of the image.

The Virb XE is small, lightweight, compact and resistant, to withstand the most extreme conditions (such as falling to 50 meters of depth without covers or casing). It works with a lithium battery. This device is also an excellent camera. It has a 12.4-megapixel CMOS sensor that waits so far to get even the smallest detail, even on video recordings.

4.Jetboil Joule

The Jetboil Joule cooking system offers unprecedented performance in cold climates and great ease of use for hikers and climbers. Joule is quick to install, boils liquids in 2min and 40sg per liter, melts snow and cooks for groups of up to 3 people. Joule offers constant heat output at 10F / -12ºC thanks to its patented technology controller. Its design houses the liquid fuel container in inverted mode, increasing system performance. It has a convenient and reliable ignition button and an insulated cooking vessel of 2.5 liters capacity. Compatible with 100g and 230g Jetpower fuel canisters, not included in the pack. This item measures 58cm. And its weight is 790g without packaging.

7.Petzl Reactik

With its 220 lumens power, the REACTIK headlamp is ideal for dynamic and intense activities. With REACTIK, the user has a compact, rechargeable and, above all, intelligent flashlight with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology. During the activity, thanks to a sensor, REACTIK evaluates the ambient light and instantly adapts its lighting power to the needs of the user. The battery is optimized and manipulations are reduced to a minimum. Depending on the chosen range (3 h 30, 6 h, 12 h), the lighting power is automatically adjusted according to three modes: MAX POWER, STANDARD and MAX AUTONOMY. 1800mAh lithium ion battery with micro USB connector, replaceable by a battery case. Washable strap, weight 115g, charging time 4.5 h and watertightness IP X4. We believe that although these types of rechargeable batteries lose autonomy, they are the future and greatly reduce highly polluting waste. Being able to recharge it by connecting it to your portable solar panel is priceless.

10.BioLite CampStove

This revolutionary invention has created great acceptance and support throughout the world. The Biolite campstove uses wood branches, pineapples and other types of biomass that you can find on the way to cooking without needing gas or liquid fuel. This wood-burning stove creates a smokeless fire capable of cooking food and boiling water in minutes. When Biolite campstove is up and running, it is able to generate 2 watts of electricity to charge your mobile devices, your led lamps and other personal gadgets. With 20min. Charge provides 60 min. On a standard telephone. It weighs 935gr and measures 209mm X 127mm. Includes a flexible lamp with USB connection. This stove is perfect for survival-minded, sustainable minds. With each purchase, Biolite is earmarked to bring portable kitchens and clean energy to India and sub-Saharan Africa.

2.Leatherman Charge AL

This is the ultimate multipurpose tool. It is constructed with rounded edges for unmatched comfort, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy handles with heat treatment and hard anodizing process. The bronze screws allow a quick and smooth operation of the outer sheets and the individual locking of each of the tools provides greater security. The Charge AL scissors are strong enough to cut safety belts, fishing line, zippers and fabrics. Available in leather case or nylon sheath. Interchangeable tip screwdriver for greater versatility, diamond file, and a sheet of 154CM steel all within its anodized aluminum housing. The Charge AL takes to the limit the idea of the multi-tool with more than 17 sheets and has a 25 year guarantee. If what you hear, 25 years.

5.Ferrino shower deluxe 20 

This is a perfect complement for those who do not tolerate a bath in the cold waters of the Alpine rivers. It is also perfect for those hikers who spend the night in high mountain shelters and these only have a faucet to drink water. This solar shower made of sturdy polyester, with sturdy handles to hang it from anywhere, hose with gun and straps to hold the shower hose. About 2 or 3 hours of sunlight are sufficient to heat the water of this solar shower. It has a special waterproof cover. Capacity 20 liters.

8.Eton Scorpion

If you need to simplify and want to have a handheld gadget that can perform many tasks at a time, The Scorpion of Eton is a great choice. It can be charged by solar energy or by its crank-dynamo. It comes equipped with AM / FM / NOAA radio transmitter climatológica digital, with a led flashlight and can charge your phone or other gadgets. Impact and splash resistant housing with battery charge indicator. It has a ring to hang from your backpack with a carabiner and as a bonus this ring serves as well as opens bottles. Its weight is 241g and its measures 133 X 63.5 X 44.45 mm.

11.Torch Fire Starter. Inside N Beyond

When you buy this product you receive the most subtle survival kit that includes a magnesium lighter, a compass and a hidden compartment to save the tinder. A couple of blows from the flint of magnesium and you’ll have a fire started. The same company recommends that the best fuel to start a fire are balls of petroleum jelly coated with cotton. It is wateproof and practically indestructible. Despite its low price, Inside N Beyond is so sure of the quality of its product that they return the money if you are not happy with the purchase.

3.Bushnell Powersinc SolarWrap 250

Although there are other options with more performance, its compact size, lightness and rolling, make this my favorite. Clips to hang to the backpack and to be carried while you walk. Robust housing for panel protection and Ion battery Long-lasting lithium battery with USB output (1x) and micro USB port. Very durable and does not require direct sunlight to charge quickly, it represents the ideal technology for when we do not have full sun. It weighs 260g, needs 6h of solar charge and with a full charge can recharge a smarphone or 2 times an MP3 or 2.5 times an action camera.

6.Garmin Fenix 3

The Garmin Fenix 3 has been stepping on and taking the lead in sales if we talk about watches for the mountain. This model although it is not exclusively for the mountain if it has functions that make it a 4×4. It is the favorite of many triathletes since it is prepared for the trail, the mountain, the water or the bicycle among other sports. This defines it as a multi-sport watch and although not as specialized as the Garmin Epix in mountain, in our view is much more versatile and is much more rounded than this. This smart GPS watch has bluetooth, wifi and can receive emails, whatsapp, tweets, calls or notifications. It has a compass, 3-axis compass, altimeter, barometer and interchangeable straps. The Zafiro model has anti-scratch screen.

9.Earl tablet

This is certainly the most useful gadchet that an extreme adventurer who needs to continue working en route can have. Where the GPS of your smartphone can not reach, the Earl tablet will do it well. With a flexible low-power display your GPS will give you precise location, direction and elevation that can be transferred to with access to over 300,000 trail maps. You can look at temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and wind speed even in the most remote places, using your anemometer and compass. For security includes radio communication technology that connects with analog and digital radio frequencies up to 32km away. You can send text or voice messages via walkie-talkie or transmit the time, location or route information. It comes with built-in radio and NOAA’s weather channel and also with trail guides. It has a solar panel that is capable of providing 20h of battery to the tablet with only 5h of sun exposure. It is resistant to dust, mud, impact and water up to 2 meters deep for 1 hour and its touch screen recognizes the feel of the gloves for when the weather is too cold. Its display provides great visibility with direct sunlight and its lunar mode allows for night illumination with a flashlight mode for emergencies. It works in temperature ranges between 0-50ºC and at altitudes up to 12000 meters.

12.Hot ash rocket stove

Here we have an invention similar to the Biolite Campstove but with some inferior performance. In the same way we can cook and boil water with the free fuel we find in the forest, but we will not be able to load our gadgets. This stove produces more smoke than Biolite, but due to the primary principles of physics, it will also have a high efficiency compared to a fire in the open and in a safe way. The weight is somewhat superior to the other model, 1300gr and its measures are 7cm X 18.41cm X 22.60cm making it something more spectacular.

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